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Because of high out-of-pocket costs, have you been forced to choose between basic needs – your mortgage, groceries, tuition, etc. – and your medication?†


If high costs of specialty medications have impacted you and/or your loved ones, we'd love for you to share your story with us.

We are seeking stories from advocates and people living with chronic health conditions in Illinois on how the high costs of specialty medications have impacted YOU and your community.

How can my story help?

Your story helps legislators put a face to the issue of high medication costs. Through your story, legislators are able to better understand how their decisions impact the real lives of people living with chronic health conditions that require affordable access to life-saving specialty medications.

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Tips on writing your story:

  1. Remember: Your personal story and experience always has significance, importance and value.

  2. Figure out what are the most meaningful experiences and highlight them to grab their attention.

  3. Stay positive and frame your story in a way where the legislator can understand how accessing affordable life-saving medications has meant so much to your health care.

  4. Emotion is powerful. But too much can derail your story. Balanced emotion can keep the legislator engaged and help them connect with you, without having them feel overwhelmed.

  5. Grow your awareness about the issue of the high cost of speciality medications in Illinois and across the nation by researching and reading a variety of new stories and resources available on the Campaign Updates page.

  6. Upload your picture. Uploading a photo helps put a human face on your personal experience. Readers create a deeper connection when they can see those affected.

  7. Share your story and others! If/when your story is published on this site, be sure to use the share feature to circulate it and others’ online. Your story will encourage others to join us and do the same.